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Fanfare for Brass Ensemble, Piano, & Percussion


World Premiere: 10 February, 2024 by the Los Angeles Brass Alliance



Upon discovering that I was chosen to be one of the selected composers to write an original work for the Los Angeles Brass Alliance’s 2024 “Next Up” Concert, I immediately knew that I wanted to write something big, fun, bold, and powerful for this group of exciting and talented musicians. At this same time, both the NFL the NCAA football seasons were at their midway point, so it was easy for me to find inspiration in the excitement that comes from being a fan of both the Detroit Lions and the Michigan Wolverines.

Musically, “GridironGlory” reflects the emotions of the competitive game of football. The piece begins with an exciting introduction, followed by initial statements of the theme. A small interlude and development comes halfway through, kicked off by a Timpani solo. We then revisit the opening material, followed by more powerful renditions of the main theme, culminating in an epic finish. One might equate each portion of the piece to a football game!

From a technical perspective, the writing of “Gridiron Glory” necessitates for the performers to have both power and agility, much like the athletes that play football.

I want to again thank LAB-A for the opportunity to write a piece for their 2024 “Next Up” concert, and I look forward to working with them again in the future. Good game, everyone!

Gridiron Glory (Fanfare for Brass Ensemble, Piano, & Percussion)

Sales Tax Included

    1) All buyers MUST choose a page size in the Product Option Information.

    2) All buyers MUST choose to either have parts printed and shipped, or only sent PDFs and hanlde the printing themselves.  For either scenario, a .zip file containing part PDFs will be sent to the email given (mandatory field).

    3) All buyers who would like PRINT & SHIP, be sure that a shipping address is given during checkout.  If not, email to confirm shipping details.


    6 C Trumpets (Bb Trumpet parts are included, as an option)

    4 Horns in F


    3 Tenor Trombones

    1 Bas

    1 Tuba


    (optional Piano part included)



    3 Percussion

    • Perc. 1: Piatti
    • Perc. 2: Snare Drum, Vibes
    • Perc. 3: Gran Cassa, Sus. Cymbal



    Advanced - Professional

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