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Written for the 2020 New Music Project & Festival, MMXX is a personal reflection on the chaos that struck the world during 2020. From the COVID-19 pandemic and the politicization of human rights issues, to police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement, millions of people around the world have encountered pain, loss, injustice, and terror. However, through it all, they have found a way to unite their voices and inspire positive change in our world. My reflection upon the global chaos and plethora of issues was a difficult task. There is so incredibly much to express. This piece of music born in frustration, but aims to be a freedom of expression. MMXX contains many differently timed passages and phrases, which in many places are repeated or transformed, but are constructed in a way that allows the performer to create their own unique musical podium to orate from, and to be heard by everyone listening, and understood as artistically valid. Every individual has a unique voice and the goal of this piece is to allow any artist that freedom.

MMXX - Solo for Multi-Percussion

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  • MMXX is freely written as a means for every performance of the piece to be intentionally different and unique. There isn’t a meter or tempo for the entire piece, but emotional sections. The piece can progress as fast or as slow as the performer wishes, however best to convey the performer’s emotional intent. In the sections marked “Free of Restraint”, one will notice the dotted bar lines, which indicate suggested phrasings (one phrase per bar). The dynamics in the piece, or perhaps the lack thereof, are again suggestive.

    Throughout the entire piece, the timpano can be at any pitch at any time. All glissandos for the timpani can span any distance, and can go as far as the performer desires. Additionally, the snare drum can be played with either the snares on or off, or perhaps alternatively, can be switched at any time. Lastly, the pitched metals are up to the performer on what instruments they specifically are, as long as they are two different pieces of metal that have different pitches.

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