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This is a short 4-mallet marimba solo intended for players who are starting to grasp the concept of 4-mallet marimba technique and want to start advancing towards a higher playing level. The majority of the piece features the sticking 4-2-3-1 at a fast tempo, which can be challenging at times. There are also many double-stops which will work on the player’s hand placement ability. Lastly, the solo allows for melodic phrasing which is always important to develop as a musician.

Mystic Journey (2015) - Marimba Solo

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  • Skill Level:

    Marimba Size:
    4.7 (Low F)
    4.3 is do-able, just transpose parts that are too low up an octave

    Suggested Mallets:

    Medium-Hard Mallets (i.e. Michael Burritt 8s/16s)

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