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JARRYD ELIAS Testimonials


2-Time Emmy Award-Winning Composer

Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Picture Windows


"Jarryd is a talented and creative individual who always strives for excellence.  His compositions are extremely musical and of the highest quality.  He is also a heck of a nice guy.  I know he will make a mark on the world of film composition in the years to come."


Composer, Orchestrator

Brightburn, Get Out, Guardians of the Galaxy


"Jarryd has orchestrated numerous TV Shows and movies with me, including SWAT, TIMELESS, DEADPOOL 2, FAST & FURIOUS PRESENTS: HOBBS & SHAW and JURASSIC WORLD LIVE. He has always done a spectacular job!"


Composer, Additional Music

Breaking Homicide, Family Guy, American Dad

brian s carr.jpg

"Jarryd is the sort of person I would strongly hesitate to recommend… purely out of selfish concern that he will become over-employed and entirely unavailable. While he has been especially insightful and creative as an orchestrator, it is because he has a deep, almost anachronistic, understanding of film music languages as a composer. He is also a huge nerd.


Composer, Supervising Music Copyist

The Notebook, Austin Powers, Pitch Perfect

steve juliani.jpg

"In my 25 year career as a supervising copyist I have looked for three qualities in those looking to work with me: musicianship, attention to detail and the ability to work long hours under stressful deadlines. It is very rare that you find someone capable of all three - Jarryd is that person. But not only is he an outstanding musician and coworker, he is also a great guy. I’m grateful that Jarryd is on my team and you will be too.


Award-Winning Composer & Sound Designer

Hyper Light Drifter, Destiny

Akash Thakkar.jpg

"Jarryd is absolutely wonderful to work with. He takes the time and effort necessary to deeply understand the needs of any project, and then executes on them beautifully. If you are looking for someone to bring your project to life, you will be thrilled with the music Jarryd produces."


Music Department: Lord of the Rings,

Harry Potter, The Hunger Games

Chris Cozens.jpg

"Already equipped with an impressive skill set, Jarryd's natural curiosity and quest for knowledge will only increase his capabilities."


Writer, Director, Cinematographer

Hard Turn, Fly By Night, Hooded


After 4 projects together I don’t know if I could ever do a film without him. He understands story more than anything and wants to emotionally guide it with his music. From day one we have always been on the same page about tone, mood, and style, making it easy for me to always have him as my first choice. It took us three years to finally meet in person, but I felt like i already knew him from constant calls, texts, and emails during our collaborations. Once my next project is green-lit he will definitely be on my list of crew!


World-Renowned Percussionist, Composer

Teacher at the Eastman School of Music


"Jarryd is a wonderful musician and person with a deep enthusiasm and dedication to his work.  Jarryd's music is refreshingly honest and reflects his positive energy and varied music interests/experiences.  I look forward to watching his career grow as a composer and hope he always remembers his roots in percussion!


Writer, Director, Producer

Terrordactyl, Gratuity

Euphemia Headshot.jpg

"I continue to be amazed at the speed of Jarryd's creativity, all while maintaining excellence.  I am also impressed with his ability to compose for any genre: Whether it's comedy, horror action, etc., he is able to come up with just the right score.  I will definitely be commissioning Jarryd again in future film productions!


World-Renowned Percussionist & Composer

Break of Reality, The Big Trouble



"Jarryd's vibrant and energetic spirit rings true in the music he creates.  It is sincere, just like him."


Musician, Arranger & Notation Expert

RED, Overwatch, Gears of War 3


"I first met Jarryd while giving a lecture for the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring program.  His insightful questions about music scores and the music business impressed me immediately.  He has a great work ethic, is quick to learn, and is detail oriented."


Principal Timpanist of the Boise Philharmonic

Professor Percussion - University of Memphis


"What a thrill to perform Jarryd's music!  Having a foot in both the film composition and concert music world is evident in his creative, energetic, and thoughtful music.  Hero's Journey will become a standard in the concert percussion repertoire - great music, plus it's tons of fun to play!  Bravo, Jarryd!"

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