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Jarryd Elias | Qasma

Formed while at the Eastman School of Music, Qasma creates music for everyone. Jarryd Elias and Sean Lowery make up Qasma, who both have percussion performance degrees from Eastman in 2015.  Their wide range of musical taste inspires many different genres of music creation, and their percussion background makes their music very fun to listen to.

Qasma's first album, featuring Bifröst and The Architect.

This album draws on electronic, house, and dubstep music, produced back in 2012 while Sophomores at Eastman.

Expanding their repertoire to musical extremes, ‘New Lakes’ takes a look at improvisational percussion combined with computer manipulation to create a unique and experimental soundscape. ‘New Lakes’ was recorded in February of 2016 by Sean Lowery and Jarryd Elias after both of them graduating from the Eastman School of Music in May of 2015.

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