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Master of Music: Film Scoring

Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program, Seattle Film Institute (Graduated '17)

After my percussion training at Eastman came to a close, I discovered that the path I wanted to walk down was in scoring for film and television.  This new-found passion led me to the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program at the Seattle Film Institute.  I studied with 2-time Emmy winner Hummie Mann, learning the history, artistic, technical, and business aspects of film music and scoring for film.  My training there was incredibly influential on my career, and to be honest, my life will never be the same because of it! 
Below are various projects that I had the awesome experience of working on while I was in Seattle, utilizing all of the knowledge that I had gained from attending this prestigious program.  I hope you enjoy!



The Oceanmaker (dir. Lucas Martell)

Music by Jarryd Elias //  Composed for the 2017 Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Contest - Placed in the top 20% of all applicants

Gratuity (dir. Eufemia Scarfone)

Music by Steven Silvers, Matthew Boerner, Jarryd Elias, and María José Félix

Side Effects May Include (dir. Emily Laue)

Music by Jarryd Elias and María José Félix

Nawthwest Bounty Hunters

(dir. Eufemia Scarfone)

Music by Dusty Hall and Jarryd Elias

Lady Of The Lake (dir. Jared Semingson)

Music by Kyle Hartman, Jarryd Elias, and María José Félix

Video Games

Video Games

Business Dog (dev. Robbie Zinchak)

Music & Sound by Jarryd Elias

Diner Dynamo

(devs. Tom Vineato & Brandon Orden)

Music by Jarryd Elias

Live Scoring Sessions

Live Scoring Sessios

As a benefit of attending PNFSWP, all students are guaranteed live scoring sessions as a part of the curriculum.  Below  is a selection of the various cues from the films I had the pleasure of scoring, along with conducting footage!

     - Click HERE to view the full playlist on YouTube

"What Makes A Hero"

Main Theme/Action & Adventure Demo

1M4 - "Tonight's Menu"

Gratuity (dir. Eufemia Scarfone)

1M5 - "Loose Bowels"

Side Effects May Include (dir. Emily Laue)

1M2 - "Warehouse Fight & Main Titles"

Voltage: Blackout (dir. Dan Shanahan)

1M7 - "Ciere, The Archeress"

Voltage: Blackout (dir. Jared Semingson)

1M6 - "Work, Huh?"

The Gift (dir. Jimmy Naples)

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